5 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy This Thanksgiving

5 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy This Thanksgiving

5 Tips to Keep Your Family Healthy This Thanksgiving

November 21, 2015



Trying to keep your kids on a healthy schedule during the holiday’s can be difficult, we know! With Thanksgiving just around the corner we want to give you some tips on how to keep the whole family healthy throughout the holiday season!


1. Carve Out Time for Physical Activity

Start the morning out with a family walk and enjoy a family game of football, soccer, or any team sport before dinner! This is a great way to connect with the family, while also adding some physical activity into the day for a healthier holiday.


2. Start the Day with a Healthy Breakfast

By beginning the day with a healthy breakfast you can help prevent overeating throughout the day! Try eggs, fruit, and whole-wheat toast to kick start the day!


3. Eat Healthy Snacks

In addition to eating a healthy breakfast, prevent overindulging at dinner by eating healthy snacks during the day. Fruit or nuts will help hold the family over until the turkey is ready!


4. Make Multiple Veggie Dishes and Control Portions for Dinner

Thanksgiving dinner can be a learning opportunity to help your kids understand portion sizes. Try making a few different vegetables for your child to try out. Encourage them to fill half of their plate with a variety of vegetables! The other half of the plate should be split between protein (turkey!) and starches (yams, potatoes, and corn)!


5. Get Everyone Involved in Clean Up

Have the whole family help in cleaning up after dinner! This gives everyone an opportunity to carry on conversations, while also standing up and moving around. Have the kids help with gathering, washing, or drying dishes. This light activity will help fight fatigue after dinner!



We hope that everyone has a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!


Healthy Kids = Happy Kids!