Farmers Market Fun

Farmers Market Fun

Farmers Market Fun

June 24th, 2015


Taking your family to your local farmers market can be lots of fun. This weekly family activity can also make a great learning experience! Check out our Top 5 reasons to hit the farmers market with your children, plus a few tips:

  1.  Quality Family Time

Going to the farmers market is an easy activity to spend time together as a family with children of all ages! Spending time together is an essential part of your child’s life. Benefits of quality family time are:

  • Stronger bonds between parents and children
  • Helps improve communication within the family
  • Improved communication leads to success at school
  • Reduced behavioral problems for teens
  1.  Learn About Making Meals

The farmers market is a great opportunity for your child to learn about what goes into making a meal. Before heading to the market find a recipe to make and then look for the ingredients together at the market. After your trip spend time preparing the meal together.

  1.  Teach Your Kids About Local Food

While shopping at the farmers market ask the farmers where their farm is to help your children understand what local food means. You can also explain to your children how purchasing local food helps to financially support the local community.

  1.  Learn about Seasonal Foods

Regularly attending a farmers market will help your child learn what it means for a food to be in season and natural. Encourage your children to ask the farmers questions about why only certain foods are available at that time of year.

  1.  Identify Fruits and Vegetables

Learning the names of fruits and veggies—and what they look like is an important lesson to learn. If you’re unsure of the name of a vegetable or what it looks like, how likely are you to eat it? Try getting a new fruit or vegetable each week to find out what your kids like!


  • Ask questions about unfamiliar foods and how to prepare them
  • Carry cash-  many vendors will accept cash only
  • Get to the farmers market early to beat the crowds
  • Bring bags to the market- some vendors do not have them


Check out Milford’s Farmers Market on Thursday Afternoons from 3pm-8pm. The location is East Liberty Street between S. Main St. & Union St

Remember Happy Kids=Healthy Kids!